Using Initial Sketches to Refine Drawings

As you search for the correct width, height, or depth of a plane, you'll draw many inaccurate lines. Don'l erase them. Keep searching with other lines until you feel satisfied that you've got the right ones. Accent your correct lines by bearing down on them with your pencil. Place a fresh sheet of paper over your object and pick out only the correct lines, as Rudy De Reyna did with the drawings in this section. You can see that the artist drew all the objects in two stages. In the drawing on the left of each pair of drawings, notice how roughly he ind -

cated the overall shape of the object as he searched for its proper proportions. After finding the right proportions, he darkened the correcl lines. Again never erase Once you begin to erase, you ose your means of comparing correct to incorrect shapes and dimensions.

Having established the correct proportions the artist placed a fresh sheet of paper (tracing paper is preferred) over the lirst drawing and "cleaned it up." That is, he transferred only the correct lines to the now sheet of paper Although you don't have to use tracing paper, you obviously must use paper that's transparent enough for you to see the drawing beneath it

If some inaccuracies still remain on your second sheet, correct them with new lines. Place another new sheet of paper over them and transfer the corroded drawing.

Use this method of refining your drawings. Begin by drawing every cubic object in the room about you. When you feel that their basic cubic proportions are correct, then, and only then, start adding the details the objects may have.

In each ot these three pairs of drawings, the artist began searching for correct dimensions with the sketch on the left. He never erased. If an angle or a line was incorrect, he simply drew another. After darkening the correcl lines, he transferred them to a fresh sheet of paper and worked on the corrected drawing that you see on the right side of each pair.

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