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Dersonal experience is the best guide lo finding the brands ot colored pencils most useful to you. Here are some of the pencils now available, with a few brief remarks about them:

A. Berol Prismacolor (USA)—Excellent, smooth lay-down"; superior hue saturation; and soft, thick leads.

B. Venus Spectracolor (USA) —Close runner-up to A

C. Derwent Studio (Great Britain)— Adequate lay-down; hue saturation less strong than A and B medium-soft, thick lead.

D. Niji (Japan)—Similar in quality to C but fashioned as mechanical pencil with separate leads.

E. Caran D!Ache Supracolor II (Switzerland)—Similar to C; water solubility is an additional feature.

F. Venus Watercoloring (USA)—Hard, thin lead: weak hue saturation when used dry. but excellent when used with water; offered in limited hues only.

G. Berol Verithin (USA)—Similar to F, bu! not designed for use with water.

H. Mongol (USA)—Similar to F but has even weaker hue saturation when used dry, excellent when used with water.

I. Stabilotone (Germany)—Designed for use tonally with water but can also bo blended by rubbing.

J. Carb-Othello (Germany)—Included here as a reference. This pencil is actually a pastel rather than a true colored pencil; contains much less binder, therefore handling differs greatly. Blends easily by rubbing, unlike colored pencils.

K. Conté (France)—Similar to J In order to standardize hue designations in this text, all numbers and names will be those of the Prismacolor pencils made by Berol. The following assortment of pencils will furnish you with a more than adequate start al representing the colors of the spectrum and will serve as a basis for mixing many additional hues:


901 indigo blue 903 Irue blue 933 blue violet


907 peacock green

909 grass green

910 true green

911 olive green

912 apple green

913 green bice

Yellows, Reds, Violets:

914 cream

915 lemon yellow

916 canary yellow

917 yellow orange

918 orange

921 vermilion red

922 scarlet red

923 scarlet lake

924 crimson red 929 pink

931 purple

932 violet 956 light violet


937 Tuscan rod

942 yellow ochre

943 burnt ochre

947 burnt umber

948 sepia


935 black

938 white

949 silver

962 warm gray, medium 964 warm gray, very light

967 cold gray, light

968 cold gray, very light fAi\jV

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