Drawing the Cylinder First

Flower Pot, 1. The artist first drew a true cylinder, then 2. He darkened the correct lines, then placed a fresh sheet determined the sides of the pot and the width of its rim. of paper over the drawing and transferred the darkened lines, thereby "cleaning up" his drawing.

Conical Coffee Jug SketchCooking Pot Drawing

Cooking Pot, 1. Again, Ihe artist drew the entire geometric cylinder first. He observed the depth and the width of the pol m relation to its height, and indicated the dimensions of the lid.

2. Here's the refined drawing of the cooking pot. The artist has not yet determined the slant of the pot handles, or the distance from the bottom of the lid to the top of the handles.

Coffee Pot, 1. In actual practice, these accentuated guidelines would be very light—if drawn at all—and just visible enough to establish relationships and checkpoints

2. Following the procedure used in the preceding demonstrations, the artist placed a fresh sheet of paper over the first rough drawing and drew only the pit itself.

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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