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The gray squirrel is basically arboreal, It builds nests in trees and is perfectly at ease leaping acrobatically from branch to branch. Note the sharp claws that allow the squirrel to climb and grip the thinnest branches. Squirrels come down from trees to bury nuts and other food, and to get from tree to tree when they cannot leap.


A gray squirrel's eye is all pupil and almost perfectly round. The artist lightly toned the inside of the ear to show its thin translucent tissue against the light coming from above and somewhat to the rear. He accented the tip of the nose. The squirrel, like the rabbit, has long, abundant whiskers. In this drawing, the artist depicted the animal's vulnerable, appealing quality.

Pencil Drawings Prairie Dogs Raccoon Pencil Drawing


The prairie dog is a member of the rodent family and has the typically large, prominent incisors. It has a long body, short legs, large front claws for digging, and cheek pouches in which the animal transports food for storage in its underground burrow. When challenged, the prairie dog can be a formidable fighter. The artist used crisp short strokes and lots of highlights to show the animal's short, glossy fur. The folds in the skin are formed by the action the animal has taken.

Pencil Drawings Animals

This lovable scalawag, with its black mask, ringed tail, and sly, cunning ways, is a favorite of the artist's. Using many crisp dark and light strokes, he rendered the animal's thick, bushy coat. The face is fox-like with a dark streak up the forehead. The coon is nosy, daring, and resourceful.

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