Drawing Areas of Interest

The artist thought it would be more interesting to show this grindstone from the underside rather than from a more conventional vantage point, so he crouched down in the grass to draw it.

As he drew, he carefully studied the construction of the various parts. He was particularly intrigued by the farmer's ingenious improvisations—

supporting the grindstone on two steel bars pushed into a stone wall: resting in the front on a stone slab. The artist used a sharp pencil to suggest the taut curves of the forged handle and a stick of graphite for the heavier tones and lines. To magnify the effect of the strong perspective, he increased _

the pencil pressure where the object was nearer. /,'

Stone Wall Drawing John Blockley Watercolor

John Blockley used a sharp pencil and a stick of graphite to produce this striking drawing. The thin pencil line describes the curves and shape of the forged handle and the ornamentation of the cast iron pump body. The coarser graphite tone on the pump contrasts with the lighter pencil work and strengthens the drawing. He dragged the side of the graphite stick with quick sideways strokes on the paper and stippled the paper by stabbing it with the end of the graphite stick.

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