Creating a Center of Interest

Ferdinand Petrie

Ferdinand Petrie struggled before deciding to make the end of the fishing pier his center of interest for this drawing. The long flat rocks with the boats and houses would have made an interesting subject. He also felt the floating dock and stone pier were importanl, and the large shack and trees in the background could make good subject matter. Care had to be taken because there were actually three drawings that could have been made of this one subject.

To use the end of the fishing pier, the artist subdued all of the elements around it. He lightened the entire area, drawing enough detail in order to see what was going on. This made the end of the stone pier become a silhouette. He kept the shack dark in value, but moved it closer to the end of the pier so it became a unit. Since he did not want to draw all the boats, he left only enough of them to create the feeling of an active harbor.

How Draw Pier Ferdinand Petrie


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