Landscapes Drawings

How To Draw Animals Step By Step

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Creating Picture With Strokes

Introduction 8

Handling the Pencil 9

How to Handle the Pencil 10-11 Creating Values 12-13 Creating Forms 14 Fundamental Strokes 15

The Fundamentals of Drawing 17

Eye Level: The Foundation of Perspective 18-21

Practice Exercises 22

Drawing Cubic Objects 23-24

Using Initial Sketches to Refine Drawings 25

Drawing Cylindrical Objects 26-28 Drawing the Cylinder First 29 Drawing Spherical Objects 30-31 Drawing Conical Objects 32 Composing Objects with Basic Forms 33

Drawing Landscapes

Drawing Landscapes 35

Creating Textures with Lines and Strokes 36-37

Seeing the Landscape as Values 38-39 Building Your First Drawing 40-43 Creating a Dark Value Pattern 44 Smudging the Pencil 45 Drawing a Harbor Scene 46-47 Drawing Reflections in Water 48-49 Simplifying a Busy Scene 50 Adding Interest to a Flat Landscape 51 Interpreting a Cluttered Scene 52 Creating a Center of Interest 53 Developing Dark Values 54-55

Drawing Portraits 57

Drawing the Eye 58-59 Drawing a Teenager 60-63 Drawing a Man 64-67

Drawing TeenagerLandscape Pencil Drawing Techniques

Drawing Animals 69

Drawing Dogs 70-75 Drawing the Big Cats 76-83 Drawing Horses 84-89 Drawing a Cottontail Rabbit 90-93 Drawing Small Animals 94-95

Drawing for Watercolors 97

Planning Your Composition 98-99 Establishing Values 100-101 Recording Character in Detail 102-103 Evaluating Shapes 104-105 Drawing Areas of Interest 106-107

Handling Colored Pencils 109

Using the Colored Pencil 110

Selecting Colored Pencils 111

Mixing Colors 112-113

Changing Value 114

Changing Intensity 115

Developing a Discerning Eye 116-117

Creating Structure with Color 118

Tonal Techniques 119-121

Flower with Tonal Technique 122-125

Flowers on Paper with Gesso Surface 126-129

Burnishng 130-131

Effects of Burnishing 132-135

Using Colored Pencils with a Solvent 136-137

Achieving a Painterly Effect 138-140 Using a Colorless Blender 141-143

Index 144

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