Changing Intensity


A corored pencil's color can be lowered or raised in intensity by various methods.

Intensity is decreased by:

1. Overlaying with a neutral gray.

2. Overlaying a color with black.

3A. Overlaying a color with that of a complementary hue. Using a second color exactly complementary to the original should yield little or no hue change.

3B. Using a near-complementary over the original hue.

4. Thoroughly combining a pencil's color with the two colors adjoining it on the color spectrum. This method tends to subdue intensity more than actually reduce it. In this example, 917 yellow orange was subdued by mixing 918 orange and 916 canary yellow with it.

Intensity is increased by:

5. Loosely combining a color with the two colors adjoining it on the spectrum. This is more an optical than a physical effect, related to how we perceive juxtaposed colors. This time, the 917 yellow orange was made more intense with the same 918 orange and 916 canary yellow that was previously used to reduce its intensity.

6. Increasing pencil pressure. Raising intensity in this way also greatly darkens a color's value.

7. Overlaying a color with white pencil, then adding more original color to this mixture.

8. Combining a pencil's color with solvent. The result visually resembles that of heavy pencil pressure. However, using a solvent can also intensify color ol light value without darkening it.

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