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instruments, in a measure, assists in the success of the work. The following utensils are used in wood painting: Lead Pencils, (Fiber's B, IIB, HH), a pen knife, a lead pencil file, an eraser, a horn protractor upon which to rest the compass upon round articles, a ruler, a square, a porcelain palette with six cells, several good fine and coarse water-color brushes on bandies with metal ferrules, several sheets of extra line tracing paper or cloth; the latter is more expensive than the paper, but far more durable, in such cases where the drawing is gone over again. For the drawing of fine outlines, pens (Gillott's crowquill pens are best); for heavier outlines or large designs goosequilLs are best. It is desirable to possess a complete outfit of drawing materials, of which the follow ing are indispensable: A drawing pen, a compass with pen ami pencil pieces.

The Colors. It is advisable to use only the genuine India ink, as the ordinary India ink nearly always discolors the soft tints that are painted over it, which sometimes spoils the entire work. The ordinary water-colors, not the covering or Gouache colors are to be used. The prepared wood just as readily takes tiie Gouache and covering colors, as a large number of designs of natural flowers show, yet this method should not be indulged in, for this reason, because it completely covers the texture of the wood, thereby giving the art critic an opportunity to censure.

Since wood painting is mostly an imitation of inlaid wood work—mosaic—as a rule the prelcrcnec should be given to the application of the fitting colors to the stained wood tones. Who does not possess a complete outfit of colors, ought at least secure the following: sepia, dark sepia, burnt sienna, light ochre, dark vermilion, carmine, cobalt blue, Indian red, olive green, ltoman brown, lampblack and white.

The best colors are the Dusseldorf (Schonfeld or Winsor & Newton's) moist water-colors, in metal tubes or porcelain pans. Gold and silver is generally painted from shells, this is to be used Sparingly, and is polished when the work is finished with a steel

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