The Use Of The Pentagraph

This is an instrument in four sections, so arranged that you can enlarge or diminish in size, and copy a photograph, engraving, or any kind of picture. It contains a screw to fasten it to the table, a small steel needle to guide in the outlining, and a lead pencil to do the drawing.

How to Use it. Screw the Pentagraph to the table, with the needle point to your left, upon the photograph, (which is fastened to the table also), holding the end containing the pencil with the fingers, to the right. With your eye on the photo, move the hand so that the needle follows the outlines of the copy, and the jieneil is producing the same on your drawing paper at the right. In this way go over the entire picture until you hav e a complete copy of the same. You may now shade with pwi or crayon to suit the wants of the copy.

The small screws on the bars near the figures, are used in ail-justing it to suit the size of picture required.

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