Miked Tints

The following are given as examples of some of the tints that may be obtained by mixture of the more important colors.

Rose Madder and Cobalt. With these colors a variety of delicate tints of great purity and permanence may be produced; of general use in distances, skies, water, etc.

Yellow Onhre, Rose Madder, and Cobalt. Being made up of the three primaries, are duller or greyer, but wilt produce a greater variety. Of use in distances, middle distance, etc.

Vandyke Brown and Cobalt, Brown Madder and Cobalt. Of use iu the same cases as the last. Good for middle, distance foliage.

Yellow Ochre and Orange Vermilion. Of great use in obtaining warm, sunny effects in distances, skies, clouds, and lor brilliant tints in foregrounds. Will give beautiful flesh tints with Chinese w hitc.

Ycllov) Ochre and Prussian Blue. Pleasant, cool, greyish-greens may be produced with these colors; especially useful in middle distance trees. May be saddened with black or Vandyke brown

Rose Madder and Prussian Blue. A variety ot useful and permanent sober greys and purples may bo thus obtained. Of great use in cloudy skies and distances, etc.

Vandyke Brown and Prussian Blue. Useful ;n the same cases as yellow ochre and Prussian blue.

Vandyke Brown and Yellow Ochre. Gives good tints for earth, etc., in loregrounds.

Vandyke Brown and Gamboge, Vandyke Browni Gamboge, and Prussian Blue. Give colors of the greatest use for foreground and middle distance foliage.

Burnt Sienna and Carmine, Gmuboge, and Burnt Sienna. Warm, rich, transparent colors. Of use in autumnal foliage, and mv istmi -LJigitizecrOy Microsoft &

for bright tints in foregrounds, Kitch as the shading of draperies, eto., and cattle,birds, and flowers; in fact, in all cases where very rich transparent color is required.

Burnt Sienna, Gamboge, and Prussian Blue. Of the greatest use for foreground and middle distance foliage.

Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre. Useful for the same purposes as Vandyke brown and yellow oehre.

Haw Sienna, Carmine, and Prussian Blue. With these three colors an immense number of beautiful transparent greys and browns may be obtained, useful in all kinds of foreground shadows.

Burnt Sienna and Cobalt. For distant and middle distant foliage.

Carmine and Prussian Blue,Carmine and French Ultramarine. Whenever brilliant and transparent purples of great depth are required in foregrounds.

Indietn Red and Cobalt, Indian Red and Pmssian Blue. Useful in the same cases as rose madder and Prussian blue.

Raw Sienna, Madder Lake, and Cobalt. Give quiet, semitransparent greys for middle distances, cloudy skies, etc.

Carmine and Gamboge. For transparent deep oranges and reds in foregrounds.

Emerald Green and Gamboge. May be sparingly used where very bright greens are required in foreground foliage.

Orange Vermilion and Cadmium Yellow. Sale colors to use for all very vivid oranges.

Lamp Black and Cobalt, Lamp Black and Gamboge. Illustrate the use of lamp black in saddenmg other colors. The most beautiful greys may be thus obtained. Of universal use, whether for foregrounds, distances, or skies.

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