The part you wish to have leaf gold, cover evenly with gold size. Chrome yellow or white lead may be mixed in with the gold size to enable you to see the process. Allow it to dry until a little sticky. It can remain much longer than for bronzing, as leaf gold does not require so strong a sticking property as bronze. When sufficiently dry, put on the gold by means of the tip, or your fingers, from the gold book. Bo careful to cover every part of the gold size with smooth leaf-gold. When all covered, press gently a piece of soft chamois skin, on all the gilded parts, and remove the superfluous gold,

K elegant, easy and profitable method of arranging autumn leaves to make beautiful household articles, such as flower vases, work boxes, etc. Gather yellow withered leaves, perfect in form, press them between the leaves of a book. Rub the surface of the article to be ornamented with fine sand-paper, then give it a coat of fine black paint. When this is dry, rub smooth with pumice, stone, then apply two other coats. Arrange the leaves according to taste, gum them on the under side, and press them on the piece to be ornamented.

Now dissolve some isinglass in hot water, and brush it over the work while the solution is warm. When dry, give it three coats of copal Tarnish, allowing time for eacn coat to dry, and the work is completed.

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