►us Diaphanie prints for transferring to glass are vers' similar to the Deealoomanies; they are colored lithographs arranged on pajwr for transferring to glass, to represent stained glass, and is equally as pretty, and not so expensive. I>v this plan you may ornament your church window, lamp shades, glass work boxes, or wherever stained glass is employed.

The materials required are a bottle of flxatif for fastening it to the glass, one or two medium size brushes, a bottle of transparent varnish, a plate of glass, and your design.

The Application is as follows: Lay on a coat of the iixatif to the face of the design, and place it upon the glass, pressing it closely and evenly, that it may adhere perfectly to the entire suriace of the glass. In order to do this, it may lie well to lay over the design a piece of heavy damp paper, and then roll it to the glass with a small roller used for that purpose; when this is done, and it is dry, apply a coat of transparent varnish with a fiat camel-hair brush.

Some of the designs used are as follows: There arc the Japanese and China figures, autumn leaves, Grecian and Egyptian heads, birds of paradise, soldiers, national figures in bronze, butterflies, angels with wings, roses, fruits and flowers, buildings, landscapes, etc., besides ten thousand other choice selections which can be furnished to vou by mail, at catalogue prices.

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