To The Artist

Annette Kowalski

It is with the utmost pleasure and pride that I have the opportunity to present Annette Kowalski and her first Joy of Painting Flowers book. I sincerely believe that with the techniques and equipment she has developed, combined with a little practice, that you will soon be able to complete floral paintings so beautiful that you as well as family and friends will find it hard to believe.

I first met Annette in Clearwater, Florida in 1981, where I was teaching art classes. I was immediately impressed with her warm, caring personality as well as her extra-ordinary artistic abilities. We became instant friends and she and her husband, Walt, began sharing some of their personal history with me.

They had recently lost their oldest son, John, in an automobile accident and their world was shattered. Annette was desperately looking for some type of distraction from her pain and had turned to her love of art as an escape.

As for me, I had recently retired from the United States Air Force and moved from my beloved Alaska determined to share my art with America. This was before my first television show and times were very difficult for an unknown, traveling art instructor.

I spent a week painting with Annette and on several occasions had the opportunity to have dinner with her and her family. They allowed me to share my dreams and goals with them and a bond was formed that lasts to this very day.

On their way home Annette described to Walt the joy felt by herself as well as all of the students that partici pated in the class. She then suggested they bring me to the Washington, D.C. area where they lived so that their friends could also share in the wonderful painting techniques she had learned.

With this simple beginning the joy of painting was eventually formed and my wife, Jane, and I entered into a partnership with the Kowalskis and the rest is history.

Annette has traveled with me to virtually every corner of the United States and to numerous foreign countries, promoting the television series, teaching classes and spreading the joy of painting. She and Walt have been instrumental in the enormous success enjoyed by our company.

Annette has written and published all of the Joy of Painting books which have opened the world of art to millions of people in every age group and every walk of life. She is also the Executive Producer of the Joy of Painting television series and has worked untold hours to make the show the most popular TV art show in the history of television. And most important, Annette is my best friend.

In this, her first book of her own paintings, Annette shares with you the beauty of floral painting in the same detailed precise manner that we have become so accustomed to in her many Joy of Painting books. She has worked extremely hard to develop a painting technique that ensures success. Use this book as a guide and allow your own imagination and creativity to take you to any world that you desire.

Once again, please allow me to invite you to experience the Joy of Painting Flowers as well as the joy of Annette Kowalski.

Happy Painting,

I would like to dedicate this book to Bob, who opened the door of painting to me, and to

Walt, who encouraged me to pass through that door.

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