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Any non-absorbent palette can be used for this technique of floral painting. The Bob Ross acrylic palette is wonderful, or you may prefer to use pads of disposable, palette papers. Painting Knife:

A small knife for moving and blending paints on your palette is a nice addition. The Bob Ross small knife works great for this purpose.

Foam Applicators:

An inexpensive foam applicator for applying Gesso to your canvas is a must. NEVER use your natural bristle brushes with Gesso.

Wax Paper:

Plain, ordinary, household wax paper is a wonderful surface for practicing brush strokes. It is also great for making transparent patterns.

Freezer Paper:

Freezer paper, also a household item, is an inexpensive source of large-sized paper. The dull side of the paper is good for tracing flower designs and the shiny side can be taped to a firm surface and used as a palette, in a "pinch".

Dressmaker's Tracing Paper:

Really more like a carbon paper and the best way I have found to copy a pattern, or drawing, to the canvas. It is very inexpensive and comes in many colors, plus white, and does not leave permanent markings on your canvas.

Opaque Projector:

I find an opaque projector an invaluable tool for painting flowers. Almost all of my paintings are from photos I have taken. There is no better way to enlarge and transfer the exact likeness of a flower from photo to canvas than with an opaque projector. An opaque projector also allows you to enlarge the design to the exact size of the canvas you will be using. I suggest a bottom-loading projector, which gives you the option of projecting the design from an open book.

Paper Towels:

To protect the delicate bristles of your Floral brushes, I recommend the softest, non-shredding paper towels you can find.

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