Highlighting The Iris

To define and highlight individual iris petals, proper loading of the brush is essential.

Clean and dry the 1/2" brush, then reload it with a very small amount of painting medium and Titanium White, carefully smoothing the mixture into the bristles.

Highlight each of the three top petals with a series of long, flowing, overlapping strokes, allowing your brush to pull in some of the foliage colors, creating the illusion of transparency.

Use the chiseled edge of the brush with dry Titanium White to add the folds and ruffles to the petals, which are so distinctive of an iris. (See Progressional Step 5.)

The lower petals of this iris are quite dark. Load the 1/2" brush with Mauve, carefully smoothing the bristles, and shape each of the three large petals with a series of long, flowing strokes.

Use a very, very small amount of Titanium White to highlight the top of the center petal.

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