Floral Brushes

All of the Bob Ross Floral brushes are pure, natural bristle brushes and have been specially designed to work with Bob Ross Soft Oil Colors. They are made of pure, soft but stable bristles. These brushes are very important to this technique of floral painting, I have tried to limit the number of brushes used in this book to basically the Floral 1/2" brush and the Floral filbert brush. As you progress, and begin your own experimentation, you may wish to add the 3/4" and the small round brush to your collection. The 3/4" brush can be used to apply background mediums and colors or to paint very large flowers. It is especially good for painting large double-wide tapered leaves, such as those in the Iris painting. The small round brush is great for intricate "sketching" and adding important small details.

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