Basket Of Lilacs And Daisies

Progressional Steps

Filbert Ile Strok Mas

1. Paint the entire canvas with a thin even coat of Gray gesso. When the Gray gesso is dry, paint the background with the Pink, Blue and Black. Loosely sketch the basket with the filbert brush and thinned Black and White.

2. Use the filbert brush and Gray mixtures made from Titanium White and Black to weave the basket.
Watercolor Loose Foliage Background

3. Underpaint the lilacs with the 1/2" brush and loose criss-cross strokes using various thinned mixtures of Mauve, Turquoise, Blue and Pink (made from Alizarin Crimson and Titanium White).

Criss Strokes Pink

4. Underpaint the foliage with the 1/2" brush and criss-cross strokes using mixtures of Green and Blue and Green and Yellow.

5. Paint basic leaves and small tapered leaves with the 1/2" brush and the 3/4" brush using mixtures of Green with Blue, Yellow and Turquoise.
Lilac Paintings

6. Paint the lilac petals with the filbert brush and mixtures of White, Alizarin Crimson, Mauve and Turquoise. Add the daisies with Titanium White. The daisy centers are Yellow. Add final highlights to the basket with dry Titanium White.

Lilac Flower Basket Paintings

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