Annette Kowalski

Annette Kowalski was born and raised in the beautiful city of Washington, D.C., our nation's capital. Her love of art was demonstrated from earliest childhood and followed her into adulthood. It was in Washington, D.C., that she met and married a young soldier, Walt Kowalski. Annette and Walt had five children in rapid succession and her artist career was placed on the back burner in order to raise her family.

Annette's love of art never faltered, but the demands of raising a large family left her with little time to pursue it. Only after her children were grown and Walt had completed his career did she feel that she could truly devote the time to her art that she had craved for so many years.

Annette was obsessed with painting and she bought and studied literally hundreds of books on the subject and took classes from a multitude of instructors in all styles and mediums of painting.

She found her true love was oils, but in her heart felt that something was still missing. That something was a medium that allowed her creative abilities to come through. Like so many others, she sought creative freedom, a way to express herself, not just copy the technique of others.

In 1981 she heard about a fuzzy-haired artist from Alaska that taught a style of painting very different from the traditional methods she had been studying for so many years. She persuaded her husband, Walt, and her son, Joe, to load their van and drive over a thousand miles to Florida to take a class with this artist. Who she found was Bob Ross.

Annette knew she had found what she was seeking in her art, creative freedom. The friendship that was initiated in that class resulted in a partnership between the Ross' and Kowalskis' known as The Joy of Painting.

After 12 years of working with Bob, Annette realized

Joy Floral Painting

that a new dimension of painting could be added to the already successful joy of painting line. She set out, with an obsession, to develop a technique of floral painting that would offer students the same remarkable success that they had experienced with the techniques that she and Bob had taught for so many years.

New colors with unique consistencies had to be created, new brushes that would assure the best results were designed and unique methods of painting were invented. And to promote and teach her floral painting methods, Annette personally taught numerous Certified Ross Instructors herself to insure they would be the most qualified floral instructors available.

With Annette's drive, determination and talent we are sure this first floral book is only the beginning.

Annette Kowalski

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