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Advanced Painter Techniques is organized to provide you with chapters that show the techniques used to paint specific subject matter. You can start at the beginning and work through to the last chapter, or you can pick individual chapters and work through them in any order. Though different information is presented in each chapter, the knowledgeable Painter user should have no problem moving between chapters. Chapter 1: Painting an Image with a 3D Feel This chapter covers painting a portrait that has a traditional oil painting look and feel. Painter X has an unsurpassed capability to utilize texture in a variety of ways, some of which are shown here. Chapter 2: Painting Clouds, Water, and Stone In this chapter, I focus on painting a landscape using Painter X.

Chapter 3: Painting a Rocky Surface Then Making It Appear Wet Here, I use Painter to create several different rocky and wet effects.

Chapter 4: Painting a Fantasy Forest with the Image Hose This chapter is about painting a fantasy forest. I approach creating a forest and foliage in a rather stylistic way, which is [vi not meant to represent reality.

" Chapter 5: Painting the Sleepwalker This tutorial features a sleepwalker walking down

TIO the middle of a hall in the dead of night. He is carrying a candle to light the way on g his nightly travels. In this chapter, I use Painter to create different lighting effects.

£ Chapter 6: Painting a Sea Serpent This chapter demonstrates how to paint scales on a crea-

IN ture and place him convincingly in his watery element.

Chapter 7: Painting Red Riding Hood This painting of the Red Riding Hood character is pretty straightforward. The tutorial focuses mainly on painting the background using textures, patterns, and custom brushes.

Chapter 8: From Concept to Complete A lot of work that I do is designing characters, creatures, environments, and buildings. In this chapter, we will paint the creature using some of the most typical methods I use when doing this kind of work. Chapter 9: Painting Shiny Baubles This final chapter is about painting shiny things.

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