Toning the Canvas

You can use various methods to change the value and color of a blank canvas before painting on the computer. Filling the area with a color using the Paint Bucket tool is often enough. For this particular project, though, we want the look and feel of a traditional oil painting, and a simple fill will not suffice. Also, the canvas already has some color and a pattern that we don't want to cover. The solution is to use one of Painter X's Watercolor brushes to paint a darker tone across the canvas. The effect will be the same as a coating of thinned oil paint brushed over a canvas.

1. Select the Canvas Toner brush variant.

2. Choose a dark brownish color, and paint a series of sweeping strokes across the canvas.

Because we are using a Watercolor brush, it will create its own new layer. Figure 1.11 shows the painting with a darker color painted over the figure and into the background, leaving a wet look.

Background Colors For Figure Paintings
Figure 1.11 The painting with a darker wash painted over the sketch using the Canvas Toner brush

There is no need to worry about covering the underlying sketch since the Water-color layer defaults to a Gel Composite Method, similar to Multiply, and lighter colors become progressively more transparent. The strokes will run and diffuse into the canvas paper texture. In Figure 1.12, the close-up of the painting shows how the color puddles and runs into the canvas texture.

One Stroke Painting Techniques

Figure 1.12 Watercolor diffuses into the paper texture.

Figure 1.12 Watercolor diffuses into the paper texture.

Note that even though you paint with the Watercolor brush on its own layer above the Canvas layer, the brush and the paper texture interact as if you were painting on the canvas.

The Watercolor brushes in Painter are processor intensive. If you have a slower computer, you may see some lag to the brushstroke as you paint. This is not a technical problem, but it can be rather annoying. If you experience some lag, try increasing the Boost setting using the slider in the Brush Creator. You can access the Brush Creator using the Ctrl+B (F+B on the Mac) keys. You will find the Boost control under the General tab of the Stroke Designer. Sometimes increasing the percent of Boost dramatically improves performance when you paint with the Watercolor brushes (Figure 1.13).

Figure 1.13 The Boost control slider

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