Setting Up Your Canvas

Let's set up the canvas, apply a texture, and get painting:

1. Create a new image. You can do this in several ways, including using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+N (F+N on the Mac).

2. Change the default resolution if you want, and put 3000 in the Height and Width fields, with Pixels as the unit of measurement.

3. If you have not already done so, use the Pattern Selector menu to either open the Chapter 1 pattern library (Chapterl.ptl) or, using the Pattern Mover, open Chapterl.ptl, click your left mouse button on the gessoed canvas pattern, and drag it over into your default library (Figure 1.1).

Click and drag the pattern into your default library

Click and drag the pattern into your default library

Figure 1.1 The Pattern Mover in Painter X

Make sure that the gessoed canvas pattern is active if you have copied it into your default library. If you have just opened chapterl.ptl, you don't need to make changes.

Using the Paper Selector, open the Chapterl paper library. There is only one paper texture in this library, so you may want to append your current default paper library instead of replacing it.

In the toolbox, select the Paint Bucket tool (K), make sure that Clone Source is selected in the Tool Property Bar, and fill the image with the gessoed canvas pattern (Figure 1.2). You should have an image that, at 100 percent zoom, has a nice, slightly creamy fill that looks very much like a traditional artist canvas primed with a toned gesso.

One last thing, and you will be ready to start painting. In the top menu bar, select Canvas Menu > Surface Lighting. The Surface Lighting controls open (Figure 1.3).

Figure 1.2 The new image after being filled with the gessoed canvas pattern
Figure 1.3 Controls to make adjustments to the depth effect of the Impasto brushes in Painter X

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