Setting Up the Image

There is really nothing special about setting up the image you are going to paint on, but it is sometimes good to go over the basics just to make sure that everything in the rest of the tutorial works correctly. For example, if a brush size is specified in the tutorial but the image being painted on is different from the one in the tutorial, you might experience unexpected difficulties. ■ So it is best to start at the beginning.

g 1. Create a new image at 1600x1200.

g 2. Launch the Gradient palette if it is not already visible, and choose the Two

AM Point gradient.

x 3. Edit a gradient to produce a nice transition from a light sky blue to a light blue-

x green color (Figure 4.1).

S _ Figure 4.1 The Gradient Editor

2 4. Move the red button around the gradient preview so blue is at the top and

^ turquoise is at the bottom.

" 5. Fill the Canvas layer to create a nicely gradiated sky, as you can see in e Figure 4.2.

6. Create a new layer on which to paint a hill shape.

7. Using the Pen tool, draw a low, nicely curved hill shape.

8. Convert the shape you just created to a selection.

The Shape layer disappears, and an active selection becomes visible. Right now the canvas is the active layer, so make sure that you click on the layer you just created to make it the active layer.

9. Fill the selection with a light greenish-gray color (Figure 4.3).

Figure 4.2 The gradient is applied to the Canvas layer for the background sky.

Figure 4.2 The gradient is applied to the Canvas layer for the background sky.

Figure 4.3 The shape is converted to a selection and then filled with an earthy color on a new layer.

Using the same technique, create two additional Hill layers above the first one. The color of each hill should get darker as it gets closer to the viewer. Each hill should be on its own layer (Figure 4.4).

Figure 4.4 Two additional Hill layers are created.

Save the image. Now it is time to paint the trees.

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