Refining the Details

Be sure to save your work before finishing the clouds for this painting. You want to make sure that you have a saved version to fall back on in case your finishing touches take a bit of practice and experimentation. There is really no specific point at which the clouds are finished. Use a bit of care and restraint as you paint them. It's a fun process, and you can get lost adding smaller and smaller details. But too many small areas, and the overall impression of a cloud can be lost.

1. The final step to painting the clouds involves blending the edges, adding small details and bits back into the clouds, adding a few small dark clouds in front of the large background cloud, and generally cleaning up the image.

2. If there are multiple layers with clouds painted on each, you should collapse them into one layer, but do not drop them down onto the Canvas layer quite yet.

3. Blend the sharp horizon line so it has a much softer appearance. Darken the top-right and -left corners of the sky to increase the contrast between the sky and the clouds.

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