Painting a Sea Serpent

I have a fondness for sea and lake monsters. The Loch Ness monster in particular is one of my favorites. It really doesn't matter to me whether sea serpents exist or not; just the idea of them is so attractive. Every so often, I paint one just for the heck of it. Of all the paintings in this book, this is probably the one that I did mostly for the fun of it.

While this is not the most technical of all the paintings in the book as far as specific tricks and features used to create it, it's helpful to demonstrate the many techniques that I used to speed up the painting process immeasurably. I've already described some of these techniques in earlier chapters. However, it does not hurt to revisit them again to make sure you understand the process.

Chapter Contents

Using a Paper Texture for the Image Painting the Sea Monster Adding the Fog Bank

Adding the Sea Serpent's Reflection in the Water Adding a Moon in the Sky Finishing Touches

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