Final Thoughts

While the subject matter of this tutorial was a portrait, the real reason for doing this tutorial was to show some of the many ways that texture can be added and used in a digital painting. A few approaches we used in this painting included

• Filling an image with a texture made from a photograph

• Painting with Impasto brushes

• Applying a surface texture to an image

There are as many ways to apply a texture as there are reasons for wanting to use texture in a painting. In this case, we wanted to make something created on the computer look as if it were created with traditional media.

The techniques demonstrated here will not replace a good painting, and you should not rely on them to rescue a work of art. When used in conjunction with good art skills, textures can give your painting that little extra something.

In subsequent chapters, we will use more texture techniques, but I hope that this first chapter will fire your imagination to try new and original approaches as you paint.

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