Final Thoughts

Knowing how to use the Image Hose is invaluable. And knowing how to create custom nozzles to fit perfectly any project at hand will make your work stand out from the crowd. It is not unusual for others to ask how you painted a particular effect or comment on how long it must have taken to create a particular passage in a painting. As the artist, you can just smile at such comments and keep your secret to yourself.

This chapter covered the Image Hose and looked at creating a custom brush. If you take the time to learn how to create custom brushes, your work will benefit.

The intelligent use of layers will always benefit the digital artist, and while there was nothing particularly unusual about their use in this chapter's image, it is a good example of how to use layers to build depth into a painting.

The main idea to take away from this painting tutorial is the power and flexibility of the Image Hose. It may be one of Painter's least-appreciated yet most powerful tools.

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