Creating a Leaf Brush

It is easiest to paint the leaves that will make up the nozzle file by creating a new leaf-shaped brush based on a leaf-shaped dab. Actual leaf brushes we create are the most useful in many cases.

When we create a new brush, it takes its attributes from the currently active brush. Therefore, we need to consider which brush to use as the base. If the Eraser H brush is active, the newly created brush would also be an eraser, which is probably

^ not what we want. While we can make enough changes to an eraser so that it eventu-

I ally paints instead of erases, it is easier to just start with a brush that is close to the h intended look of the final brush.

ITH 1. As a base brush, select the Flat Color variant from the Pens category in the

W Brush Selector.

RE 2. Draw a leaf shape in a new image. The background should be white and the leaf should be black. While the size of the image is not critical, the drawn leaf

< should not be much larger than 100 pixels on a side.

< 3. Drag a roughly square selection around the leaf shape using the Rectangular G A Selection tool in the toolbox.

TI 4. Click the menu arrow in the upper-right corner of the Brush Selector and

IA choose Capture Dab.

^ The leaf dab is now captured and loaded as the dab in the base brush. We need ai

" to adjust the brush settings before the new leaf brush variant will actually draw leaves.

^ We can make all the needed adjustments to the new brush in the Brush Creator.

5. Open the Brush Creator using the keyboard combination Ctrl+B (F+B) or the Show Brush Creator found in the Window menu.

6. In the Brush Creator, make sure that the Stroke Designer is active. The Stroke Designer is the right tab at the top left of the preview window (Figure 4.22).

Figure 4.22 The Brush Creator window showing the Stroke Designer tab.

7. Enter the following values in the Stroke Designer. If an option isn't mentioned, ■

don't change its setting. AD





Soft Cover






Min Size







Min Spacing







Ang Range







8. Close the Brush Creator by using the keyboard combination Ctrl+B or by clicking the X in the upper-right corner.

9. In the Brush Selector, click the menu arrow and choose Save Variant. Name the brush Leaf and click OK. A new brush variant of the Pens category named Leaf is created. To select the new brush, just select its icon. The icon for the brush is usually created at the bottom of the variant list.

10. Go back into the menu on the Brush Selector and click Restore Variant to take the original Flat Color brush back to its default setting.

Figure 4.22 The Brush Creator window showing the Stroke Designer tab.

The Leaf brush will now paint a pretty good row of leaves. It would be tedious, though, to try to paint a large number of leaves using this brush since it only paints single leaf dabs. Creating a Leaf nozzle based on this Leaf brush will allow us to paint large numbers of leaves very quickly using the Image Hose.

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