Cooling Down the Night

Generally, night scenes are painted in deep blues, and the values are kept darker. Over the course of painting this image, it has become too warm and a bit too light for a night scene. We need to cool the colors and slightly darken the image. Create a new layer.

Fill the new layer with a cool blue color.

Change the Composite Mode of the layer to Colorize. The whole image is tinted a blue color.

Lower the Opacity setting of the Blue layer to between 40% and 50%. Selectively erase around the candle on the Blue layer to remove the color.

There are a few more small painting touches that we still need to do. Merge the floorboards together and paint some shadows into the decorative molding to give it dimension.

Redraw and clean up the outline of the sleepwalker.

Finish painting the candle and flame. Use the Glow brush to add a subtle glowing area in the atmosphere surrounding the top of the candle and the flame. Using the Glow brush, again paint the candle flame and add highlights to the candleholder.

Reveal the two candle Glow layers that have been hidden up to this point.

With the whole image darkened and tinted blue, the Candle Glow layers revealed, and cleanup work painted on both the sleepwalker and the background, the painting is getting very close to being finished (Figure 5.21).

Figure Painting Techniques
Figure 5.21 The candle glow has been revealed, and a dark blue tint was added to the sleepwalker, almost finishing the painting.

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