Adding Light

The next finishing touch is to add some streaks of light filtering through the forest canopy. The process is not difficult and produces some attractive results. 1. Use the Pen tool to draw some shapes that will be used as the basis for the rays of light (Figure 4.32).

Figure 4.32 The Pen tool is used to draw some shapes that will be used to create streaks of light shining through the forest canopy.

2. Convert the shapes to selections using Convert to Selection in the Shapes menu.

3. Feather the selection 15 pixels.

4. Save the selection just in case you make a mistake. It is much quicker to load a saved selection than it is to redraw shapes.

5. Create a new layer above the second row of trees.

6. If the selection created earlier is not active, load the selection just saved.

7. Using the Pixel Spray variant from the Airbrush category and a light yellow-green color, paint in the streaks starting in the top left and gradually fading to no color about three-quarters down the selection.

8. Deselect the layer and use the Soften effect in the Effects > Focus menu; soften the layer with a setting of about 10.

9. Lower the Opacity setting of the layer to 50%.

There are now some rays of light shining through the trees (Figure 4.33).

Figure 4.33 Rays of light have been created above the second layer of trees.

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