Adding Fauna in the Flora

The image is just about finished. For a nice final touch, we'll add just a little bit of animal life to the painting. In this case, a small red bird would complement the color scheme nicely.

We won't use any tricks with layers, special brushes, or image effects to add the bird. We'll simply create a new layer and paint the animal (Figure 4.36).

Painting Forest Scenes
Figure 4.36 A small red bird is painted on a new layer to add a bit of life to the forest scene.

Putting a Soft Focus on Reality H

Our last step is to add a subtle lighting effect to the whole painting. T

Because the lighting effect won't work across layers, we need to clone the U

image. We can then apply the lighting effect to the clone and not the original painting. e

1. Clone the image using the File menu and selecting the Clone command.

2. From the Effects menu, select Surface Control > Apply Lighting. The Apply Lighting options box opens (Figure 4.37).

3. Select the third lighting scheme, called Splashy Color.

4. Click OK to apply the effect (Figure 4.38).

Figure 4.37 The Apply Lighting options box opens.

Figure 4.37 The Apply Lighting options box opens.

Flora Painter

Figure 4.38 The Apply Lighting effect is applied to the image.

Figure 4.38 The Apply Lighting effect is applied to the image.

Sometimes the effect is too strong, and in this image it has darkened the bottom of the painting too much. An easy way to adjust the amount of the effect is to select the Fade command from the Edit menu.

The Fade command reduces the applied effect to any percentage specified by moving the slider.

5. Select Fade from the Edit menu. Then set the Fade slider to 50% and click OK (Figure 4.39). The painting is finished!

Figure 4.39 The lighting effect is reduced in strength by 50% using the Fade command.

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