Adding a Little More Light and Dust

We will add another set of light rays in the foreground. Create a new layer on top of all other layers. Load the saved light rays selection.

Use the Digital airbrush and paint streaks of light on the new layer. Deselect the layer and soften using a value of 10. Lower the Opacity setting of the layer to between 30 and 50%.

These streaks should not duplicate the ones on the lower layer even though they were created using the same selection.

6. To change the size and shape of the new streaks, use Free Transform. Scale the streaks so they are larger, and rotate them so their angle is similar to the lower streaks.

7. When the light streaks are positioned as you want them, change the Reference Layer back to a default layer by right-clicking the layer and picking Commit.

8. Create a new layer and add more dust motes as in the earlier steps (Figure 4.35).

Forest Devientart
Figure 4.35 Dust motes are added on top of the Light Rays layer.

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    How to draw light and dust?
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