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Have you ever looked at professional trick photos and wondered why you are not able to get the same fantastic results from your photography? Well believe it or not, there are just a few easy tricks that you have to master in order to start taking photographs that will show the SAME level of amazing quality that professional photographers show! You actually do not need professional, expensive equipment to get that same amazing feel that great trick photos do; all that it takes is Knowledge. You will also learn how to improve your regular photography as well; your overall photographic knowledge will increase as a result of what you've learned! Normally it takes years to move from amateur to professional photographer, but with the skills that you will learn, you don't have to stay stuck in the amateur stage; you can move the professional stage very quickly! Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

This book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Abstract And Texture Painting

Here I have taken a section from an action painting and blurred it before overlaying it with thin, sharp-edged black and white lines and shapes. This 'depth of field' photographic effect is relatively modern as (excepting Vermeer and a few others) the artists of the past insisted on bringing everything into focus. It must be said their clients often demanded this.

The Venetian Technique

Scumbling is the opposite of glazing. A scumble uses a lighter opaque paint, spread thinly enough so as to become translucent, over a darker passage. The optical effect thus produced is bluer than the paint applied, as the underlying layer is not completely obscured, and exerts its influence on the overall sensation, as has been previously described. It is very effective in softening surface textures, as soft cloth, such as velvet or cotton, or youthful complexions, the surface of a peach, etc., and, as mentioned, for indicating atmospheric haze over distant land planes and in the sky near the horizon. Overcast skies may be scumbled all over, as in Bouguereau's The Broken Pitcher.


Grinding Pigment

The choice of materials for these various functions is dependent upon the type of support the painter intends to use, the scale of the painting, its proposed environment, and the tactile and optical characteristics suitable to the artist's vision. Although many artists have experimented extensively in the hope of developing new techniques (Figure 2.1) or adapting new materials to suit their pictorial needs, most have followed common practice or historically established procedures. Innovations generally derive from these historical precedents, and the adoption of new materials such as acrylic polymers, vinyl, and alkyd resins, in their most common formulations, mimic to some extent conventional paints. These synthetic media do offer the painter an expanded range of textures, consistencies, and optical effects through the use of a number of additives.

Gallery Of Form

Donald Hamilton Fraser Dancer

43x51 cm (17x20 in) Rock formations, with their stark, craggy shapes and dramatic shadows, are a wonderful subject for studying form. The depth and drama of this drawing relies upon a bright light that picks out the eroding coastline as a series of unusual and abstract images. Deep shadows help to build up a strong tonal pattern that combines with the highlights to give a three-dimensional form with a striking presence.

Likely To Scumble

A scumble is a thin application of a paint whose basic nature is to be opaque but which is rendered semiopaque by the physical thinness of the application (scumble) or by the addition of a transparent medium. Its thinness allows the background paint to contribute to the painting. The optical effect of transparent paints or glazes is to retain clarity. The optical effect of opaque paints or glazes is to lose clarity. Scumbling is the method of applying thin layers of opaque paint.


Best Pals Mickey And Pluto

The memo continued I also intend to have Don Graham study our better animation, so that he will be able to analyze things for the younger animators. More work for Don, and this in addition to the classes he was conducting on action analysis from live-action film clips. He selected single actions on short pieces of film and ran these backward and forward endlessly while discussing every observation he had been able to make. Our eyes flickered in sync with the slow shutter speed on the projector, but we were fascinated.

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