Zen and Drawing

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Zen in drawing is actually what this is all about, getting to a meditative, intuitive place (the right side) and letting go all the disturbance (Old Lefty) in order to just be, see, and draw.

When it comes to drawing, having a Zen approach means allowing things to develop as they will, without the need for control that marks so much of our lives.

A Zen way of life incorporates everything from meditation to ordered simplicity in order to better appreciate the interconnectedness of all things. It follows, then, that a Zen way of drawing might be one simple line which points in a surprising new direction.

Whether it's Zen, spontaneous drawing, therapeutic drawing, or just plain old revenge drawing, keeping track of your moods in a sketchbook journal can be a surprisingly simple way of rediscovering yourself.

So, armed with some new materials and techniques, go forth into your everyday surroundings with a fresh vision of what you see.

Your house and immediate surroundings are filled with things to see and draw ... and then there is the wild blue yonder.

Artist's Sketchbook

Zen is more than a religious practice, it's a philosophy and way of life that comes from Japanese Zen Buddhism. At its most basic, Zen can be thought of as a holistic approach to being that takes for granted the inter-connectedness of all things and encourages simplicity in living in order to live with the complex.

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