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Try your hand at practicing the exercises you've learned in this chapter.

The Least You Need to Know

^ Looking back through your drawings will help you see just how far you've come already.

^ You'll want to go back to all of the exercises in this book more than once. Each of them has something unique to offer. Use the crib list to remind you of how to go about it.

^ Use the checklist to remind you of steps toward seeing and drawing.

^ Practice makes perfect!

All Around the House: A Few New Drawing Ideas to Try

In This Chapter

V Finding subjects to draw

V Avoiding distraction and making time for your work

V Touring your house from top to bottom

V Making personal choices—your drawings will be as individual as you are

I have probably drawn as many chairs and desks and corners and interior objects as I have landscapes.

—Hannah Hinchman, Bloomsbury Review Interview, Jan/Feb 2000.

The skills for drawing all that follows are yours—or, at least, within your grasp—if you proceed step-by-step. Each of the next seven chapters has a theme area for you to explore: from inside your house to your garden, or out and about in the countryside, on a village street, at a boatyard, on a farm, at the zoo—anywhere you choose to go with your sketchbook or a full drawing set-up.

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