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Try your hand at practicing the exercises you've learned in this chapter.

The Least You Need to Know

V You begin a drawing by selecting your subject and deciding on the exact arrangement.

V Your viewpoint, vantage point, and eye level all influence what you can see of your arrangement and therefore what you will draw.

V Centering your view with the viewfinder frame and seeing the same view on your paper gets you started correctly.

V Remember to see shapes and relations between your objects and to draw what you see.

Chapter 9

Step Up to a Still Life: Composition, Composition, Composition

In This Chapter

> All about still life ^ Why artists love fruits and veggies ^ Filtering and framing your still life ^ Seeing your still life in space

Drawing seems to provide an extra measure of engagement. —Hannah Hinchman

Artists love to draw the still life—and so will you. In this chapter, we'll be exploring exactly what a still life is, and how you can make this most popular of artistic expressions your own.

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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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