Your Kitchen Is a Storehouse

A good place to start is right in your kitchen—you'll be near the cof-feemaker. However, you'll want to avoid the refrigerator, for obvious reasons—you'll end up snacking instead of sketching. What you will choose to draw in the kitchen—or anywhere around the house, for that matter—will fall into three categories:

1. Objects seen up close and personal

2. A composed still life arrangement

3. A corner of a room—as is, or you can rearrange the furniture

Anything from around your house is fair game as a drawing subject.

You will learn by trying all of these things. Perhaps, after you have tried to see it and draw it, you will also begin to see your house differently and end up rearranging it (unless, like Lisa, you do this all the time already).

But now, since you're all settled with your coffee and your drawing pad in your kitchen anyway, let's poke around and see what we can find to draw.

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