With Our Best Wishes

We have both enjoyed researching and writing this book. Besides the fun we have had " our own selves," we've also found pleasure in developing the ideas for the book, trying out the exercises, and writing and honing the text and the directions. Watching it become a book was a pleasure.

Lauren has enticed her friends over to " draw for their dinner" to make some of the drawings for the book (she is a good cook), and worked with her mother's drawing group for some of the others. Still other drawings and responses come from her classes, and she found a few old treasured pieces, hidden away in her file drawers.

Lisa has enlisted her daughter to make a few drawings around her house so both sides of the country are represented. As her daughter was temporarily camped out with her during the writing of this book, it was only fair.

We hope you enjoy this book for a while and dip back into it whenever you want an idea, a tip, some encouragement, or some of our soon-to-be-world-famous wit.

We leave you with the best set of guidelines we know: Be well, be happy, encourage yourself. Try to follow them, and you'll soon be guiding others as well.

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