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Every artist—whether visual, written, musical, or kinesthetic—knows what it's like to be inspired. While explaining that inspiration is difficult, Lauren has collected a group of wonderful words from artists who really do explain what it's like to be inspired in their own particular ways. Your own inspiration will be as individual and unique as each of these artists'.

My adoration of the great ancients who laid the indestructible, immutable foundations of art for all time shall never dim or tarnish. Their legacy has always been and will always be my spiritual refreshment and renewal. The great ancients worked with God. They interpreted and embodied the glory and wonder of the elements. The moderns work with geometry.

True art cannot spring but from naivete. Everyone has been a child, and the true artist is the one that has preserved intact all those treasures of great sensitivity felt in early childhood ... Time goes on, but the first songs ever sung by nature always sing on in his soul.

—Joseph Stella

The most important thing about a river is that it runs downhill. Simple, isn't it? Art is produced by the wedding of art and nature. Go look at the bird's flight, the man's walk, the sea's movement. They have a way to keep their motion. Nature's laws of motion have to be obeyed and you have to follow along. The good picture embraces the laws, the best of the old did, and that's what gives them life.

Science and art are indeed sisters, but they are very different in their tastes, and it is no easy task to cultivate with advantage the favor of both.

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