What Are They Doing Action Gesture and Detail

The body in action probably presents you with some foreshortening challenges. It's really quite simple, though: If you think of people as cylinders in space, you'll know how to draw them. Measure carefully to see where the body parts line up with each other in the foreshortened pose, as opposed to the figure if it were standing straight up.

To draw people at work and at play, concentrate on the action and the gesture in quick lines, adding detail as you can. Sometimes a small detail, like a hat or a fishing pole, is enough to begin to convey a feel for the person or the activity.

No matter what, you'll find that adding people to your drawings adds a whole new dimension. Try it and see. In the next chapter, we'll explore drawing for a special class of people— kids.

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How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

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