What About Drawing Classes

Drawing classes, like any classes, are an additional opportunity to learn. The commitment you make to a class can help you focus your attention and prioritize your time.

Drawing classes are everywhere. High school continuing education classes, community college classes, art museum classes, and small privately organized classes with local artists are some of your options. If you develop an interest in a specific medium, a good class can help a great deal, providing special instruction or access to different materials and techniques. Investigate your options, and ask around to find out if a friend has enjoyed a particular class.

You can also organize your own group with or without a teacher. You and your friends can take turns running the group or you can work independently. You can meet and work together at someone's studio, a friend's garden, a park, a zoo, a public garden, or in a natural science or art museum. The camaraderie is fun, the commitment you make to the group helps you to make the time, you can all learn from each other, and, best of all, it is free.

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