WarmUp for the Eyes and Hand

Just as you may have practiced your penmanship by forming a's or s's over and over again, why not try a page of marks before you start drawing? Practice circles and ovals and ellipses (a long, skinny oval, often a difficult shape to master). It is good for your hand to do a series of these, or of graduated sizes, chains of circles, concentric circles, spirals, eggs, bullets, and even some calculated squiggles.

Warm up your hand with a page of circles, ovals, spirals, ellipses, and similar curving lines.

Next, try practicing other marks or kinds of lines you might find useful to make drawings: Straight Curved

> Parallel

Crisscrossing or cross-hatching Overlapping or




> Wiggly

The separate lists are meant as two possible options of one's choice of marks. When you make smooth lines, you don't pick up the pencil from the page, but make a continuous smooth line, as opposed to scratchy lines, which require repeated lifting of the pencil.

Try them all—build up a vocabulary of lines and marks!

Doodle a page of marks and lines to warm up your hand as well.

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