Using Your Own Images

Using your own drawings for other projects is when the real fun begins. Of course, drawing is for its own sake and should continue to be, but now you can use that skill and some of the drawings to personalize your world.

Drawings are a natural in the garden, greenhouse, or just a hello from a sunny window in the depth of winter. Treat yourself to a wonderful bouquet of flowers and draw it. Revisit a childhood love of wildflowers, or discover it now; go out and sketch them, from the delicately scented, early spring trailing arbutus to exotic lady's slippers and jack-in-the-pulpits.

Get down close and look at them, smell their scent, enjoy the splendor of spring, the flush of summer, and the ripeness of fall.

Don't just wake up and smell the flowers—get out and draw them, too.

Now, here's the best part: Once you've got an assortment of botan ical drawings, you can use them to illustrate everything from recipes to your walls.

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