Using Your Journal

You will learn the most about drawing in your journal by working from life. You don't have to follow these steps exactly or even at all, but we provide them just in case you do want a framework to follow as you begin to use journals.

1. Decide on a subject, a composition, a view, a vantage point, a frame, and a format, even if roughly drawn on your page and viewed only with your two hands.

2. See and draw in your sketchbook journal as carefully as you have in the preceding exercises.

3. Consider how much time you'll have to make an entry so you don't rush.

4. Try to draw every day—practice is the key.

The Art of Drawing

Make lots of notes on your drawings as to color, shape, weather, temperature, shadows, and anything else you want, to remind you for later. You can use the detail notes for drawing, or just to remind you of where you were that day. Record and enjoy the details that are different or unusual. It will get you past your usual observations and opinions of things. Write to enjoy and remember—but don't let your mind drift away from the job of seeing visually.

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