Trading Information How Tos or Recipes

People are always swapping information, and you can add the visual to your explanations, for fun or even for profit. Illustrations help explain things that would otherwise be difficult or take too many words. How-to steps make any explanation easier to understand, whether in newspapers, magazines, guidebooks, brochures, and of course, in the world of nonfiction—there are how-to books and Complete Idiot's Guides on every subject there is.

Try illuminating or illustrating one of your favorite recipes. Make copies and hand them out to friends. Keep a copy of each as well; you may have the beginning of a manuscript!

Artist's Sketchbook

Illuminating and illustrating differ in an important way: Illumination is decoration, such as a border around words or a picture, while illustration shows the information itself in picture form.

Decorate your world by illuminating or illustrating a favorite recipe.

Try Your Hand

Drawing can dramatically speed the learning process and increase your powers of retention.

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