Through the Looking Glass

Going back through your drawings can be a revealing experience, even if you only started them a few weeks ago. Your first surprise will be just how much progress you've made in your technical skill. That's because just drawing something every day means you're practicing, and practice will improve any skill.

Before you start judging your work too harshly (don't let Old Lefty have any say!), why not use the checklists in this chapter to see what you've learned. You may even want to tab this chapter for future reference, because we've pulled in every lesson you've learned up until now in one convenient location.

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Easy Step-By-Step Lessons How Would You Like To Teach Yourself Some Of The Powerful Basic Techniques Of Pencil Drawing With Our Step-by-Step Tutorial. Learn the ABC of Pencil Drawing From the Experts.

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