Thoughts on Quick Action Poses

Instruct the model to change poses at intervals. With each new pose, begin a new drawing, even if you have not finished. Create a little pressure for yourself. Like a workout, make yourself stretch with the model. Don't erase, just draw and draw. If you need to correct, draw over it and keep going.

If it is possible for you, try to draw in a little indication of form, some roundness in the limbs. Make the shapes where body parts overlap. Feel the parts of the body yourself as you draw.

Try to work evenly around the figure as long as you can. Try not to focus on just one spot— you can lose sight of what you are doing and whether there are still problems to correct.

Use yourself when you run out of models; a mirror or two will give you plenty to work with.

The Art of Drawing

There are lots of ways to work longer on a pose. Go for tone, shadow, likeness, detail, a shaded work, a fine line. They are all worth trying. But the most important thing is a good seeing and beginning drawing. Why spend a half hour or more rendering a drawing that has an inaccurate base?

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