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In This Chapter

V Look how far you've come

V Reviewing what you already know

V Slowly you draw, step-by-step

V Taking stock and moving on

The goal of the artist is the achievement of the truly creative spirit. It must be earned through discipline and work. Among other disciplines, drawing is basic.

—Harry Sternberg

Since you've come with us this far, you've probably got quite a collection of drawings by now. Part of what scares people—especially adults—about learning to draw is the fear of not being good. But you know what? That's Old Lefty, rearing his ugly head yet again. Your right brain knows that you can't get to the good stuff without making a few messes and more than a few mistakes. But don't take our word for it. Let's go back through your drawings, so you can see for yourself just how far you've come.

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