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At one time or another, we all seem to have tried our hand at writing a story, fiction or nonfiction, whether for a child, out of a specific interest, or because the muse visited and it had to be done. So, take the next step and illustrate it with your own drawings!

By now it should be clear that your life is just as interesting as the next guy's. Why not expand that journal of yours into a larger piece of illuminated work in a separate volume? Whether specifically for your travels or all about your family or your own life, your illuminated journal will grow to be something you'll treasure more and more as the years go by. Take it from two middle-aged gals who know.

Try Your Hand

Your local printer or business office will help you if you don't have a computer and scanner. Look at what they have posted as samples and decide what you want yours to look like.

Illustrate a story—yours or someone else's—with drawings. Here are a few to inspire you.

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