The Picture Plane

In This Chapter

V What is a picture plane?

V Building a picture plane

V Using a picture plane

V Transferring your drawing to paper

What the eye can see, the hand can draw. —Michelangelo

If Michelangelo said it, it is so. If you can learn to really see, you can draw. It's that simple.

In Chapter 3, "Loosen Up," drawing the lines that are on your palm was an experience in learning to really see, by taking the time to see each line in your hand. Drawing is about detail and relation, represented on paper as a direct response to what you see—nothing else— just what you see. Drawing your hand should have become easier after all that concentrated seeing!

It may surprise you to learn that artists don't always draw freehand. There's even evidence that, as early as the fifteenth century, artists such as da Vinci may have been using picture plane-like devices to project images onto paper.

In the next two chapters, we'll be showing you how to make and use similar devices of your own. In this chapter, we'll be discussing the plastic picture plane, and in the next chapter, the viewfinder frame.

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